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George Washington As An Example Of Leadership

my 46 years of service in corporate America. I witnessed much good leadership but I also observed many instances to the contrary. In my zeal to help make a positive difference in our country I researched our history to learn who has been our most effective ethical leader. George Washington, the father of our country, Is that man! He proves that ethical behavior results in the greatest accomplishments. His principles enabled him to: As commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, he led a group of amateur soldiers, formerly farmers, craftsmen and merchants (the British called them " a rabble in arms") to victory over Great Britain, then the strongest nation on earth. Four years later, he was president of the Constitutional Convention, which wrote the finest document ever on government. Finally, he served eight years as our first President establishing the precedents that have enabled us to remain the freest, strongest and finest country on earth even after 216 years.

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