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Who's in Charge

Consumer-directed Care

DC - they costs $85,000. There's no way to pay for that unless you're very very rich, or very poor and eligible for Medicaid, the only public health insurance program in the United States that pays, in full, for nursing home care.

But it isn't cost alone that's at the core of the aversion to being in a nursing home - it's the loss of autonomy, of control.

I'm here today representing AARP, a 35-million member association of people aged 55 and older. Despite our size, or perhaps because of it, we are in constant touch with our members: we run surveys, focus groups, research studies, solicit input through our publications - I could go on. But this I can tell you: to thrive as an organization, AARP needs to have its finger on the pulse of its members. That's why I can say with total conviction that control is what our members want as they age.

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