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Crisis communication guru Fred Garcia centered executive communicators near the outset of the coronavirus crisis.

If that seems like months ago, it’s because you’ve done months’ worth of work since then.

Don’t you sense it’s time for a breather—time to take stock, do some planning and plot a more sustainable way ahead for you and the leaders you serve?

Take a moment Wednesday at 1pm Eastern to huddle with your exec comms colleagues, on this 90-minute webinar.

Fred, who wrote The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis, will help you reset, refocus—and refresh your view of this unprecedented event.

Before you even put your own questions to Fred, you’ll learn:

  • What do we know now about leadership communication in this crisis that we didn't know before? What’s working and what’s not working as leaders navigate coronavirus.
  • What are other leaders saying: About the medical, economic, logistical and social implications of coronavirus?
  • How to decide how frequently how many of your organization’s leaders should address which topics via which media.
  • How to schedule your own weeks and days and build your own boundaries so that you get what you need (and give your loved ones what they need).

Fred will cover that in the first half of the webinar, and then you’ll have the rest of the time to hit him with your own questions, in a Q&A moderated by David Murray, executive director of the Executive Communication Council and the Professional Speechwriters Association.

And if you register but can’t make the webinar, it will be recorded, so you may listen later.

Come away with a new perspective, new ideas and new energy, for helping your leaders over the long haul.

Register now. 

Meet Helio Fred Garcia

For nearly 40 years Helio Fred Garcia has helped leaders build trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively. He is the author, most recently, of The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis. Fred has coached more than 400 CEOs of major corporations, plus thousands of other high-profile people in other complex fields, including doctors, scientists, lawyers, financial executives, military officers, and government officials. Fred is a highly sought keynote and motivational speaker, and teaches about management and leadership at New York University and at Columbia University.