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You have crafted the perfect speech, through countless hours of hard work. You hand it to your happy client. Then you watch your client walk onto stage … and fall flat—tensely staring at the script, going into a defensive, cautious speaking mode and thus turn your rhetorical barnburner into a nothing burger.

Sometimes having a terrific speech just isn’t enough.

What if you could ensure that your clients would feel ready to perform at their best in any situation? What if you could share a few simple strategies with your clients that will help them achieve a peak state when they need to, so that your words gain the impact they deserve? Your clients would remember that forever—and remember you, too.

Legendary speaking coach Richard Newman will share those strategies with you.

In this interactive webinar, Richard will share the practical techniques used by successful athletes and business people to perform at their best every day:

What will you gain?

Hear examples and watch video clips of experts who have applied these techniques to gain real world results, then discover how to use these strategies yourself, helping your speaker to deliver a fantastic performance.

This workshop includes:

  • Priming. Discover how to ensure a speaker gets the results they deserve at important events, by switching their mind into a peak state when they need to perform at their best.
  • Triggers. Develop simple triggers that your clients can use before and during speeches, to get “in the zone."
  • Defying the demons. Learn how to overcome nagging doubts and worries that can hold a speaker back, by overriding them with peak mindset techniques.
  • Actions. How we hold ourselves, how we breathe and what we focus on can all transform the impact of a speech. Learn how your clients can feel calm, confident and in control, able to be the best version of themselves.

By the end of the webinar, you will feel able to share the techniques with your client, as well as gaining all of the benefits for yourself.

Your clients will be grateful to you, and you’ll be grateful to Richard Newman.

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Meet Richard Newman

Richard Newman, a Cicero Grand Prize Award in 2014 and has been teaching clients how to deliver powerful speeches for 18 years. He has worked with over 50,000 people from 45 countries and has discovered a few common challenges that these clients share, as well as how to overcome them. He is the author of the new book, You Were Born to Speak, which teaches readers how to “get the results, reactions and respect you deserve every time you speak.”