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You write A LOT—tweets, speeches, blog posts, news releases, op-eds, feature stories, white papers, video scripts.

But you sense that you can write with more clarity, persuasiveness and power.

And you’re right.

World-renowned writer and writing instructor Jeff Herrington will teach you how to write social media posts people will act on. Personality features and customer success stories that will inspire your readers. Releases that get published, web copy that gets eyeballs, and scripts that distinguish you as your communication department’s go-to writing guru.

In an interactive workshop filled with inspiring and instructive examples, you’ll not only see great writing, you’ll produce some great writing of your own.

You will learn:

  • What to do before you write. Techniques for effective research and interviewing that will make the writing process easier, and your result more convincing.
  • The two main types of news releases, and how to write them. Lessons in structure, style and content.
  • The feature story can be intimidating, but it needn’t be. Learn how to break the long story into smaller parts, how to choose a structure and stick with it, and how to write a lead, transitions and a conclusion that hold the story together.
  • How to write effective website content. How to “chunk” your writing—by the paragraph and by the sentence—so that even the fastest-scrolling reader digests max information.


  • What makes for successful headlines, subheads, teasers: How to write them so they grab the most readers.
  • How to ensure your tone isn’t too negative and bossy (even when your goal is to nudge people’s behavior)
  • The nuances associated with writing to Boomers, GenXers, Millennials and (now) Gen Y.
  • How to write social media posts that get more eyes and more engagement from busy readers you want to influence.
  • How to make all your work better by using interesting vocabulary and rhetorical techniques, worthwhile quotations and the active voice—and by always, always, always focusing on human beings, rather than inanimate objects, programs or processes.

Examples from companies and organizations large and small will help you SEE how to employ techniques correctly and avoid the common mistakes that plague so much corporate writing these days.

Individual and group exercises will help you INSTANTLY see how you can dramatically improve what you wrote just the week before. AND you’ll walk away with a nice compendium of writing and editing resources that will shape what you produce for months and years to come.

Decent writers think they can improve their craft. Good writers know they can. Take that knowledge and transform it into action this year by embarking on a trip down a raging river of advanced writing and editorial techniques offered by this world-renowned writer and writing instructor.

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Meet the Instructor

Jeff Herrington has traveled to more than 45 countries on five continents as a writer for the internal and external publications of IBM, AT&T, Whirlpool, Intel, Baxter Healthcare and John Deere, among many other companies. He has written and overhauled websites, directed social media activities, crafted communication campaigns and created award-winning content for many of the largest organizations in the world. In raved-about sessions at industry conferences and intimate workshops around the world, Jeff has taught thousands of communicators how to write for every corporate medium. Communication managers who have brought Jeff into their organizations have thanked him for the "rave reviews" of their colleagues, praised his workshops as "phenomenal" and "fun and informative" and called them "the inspiration for our success."