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“Manager of executive communication.” “Leadership communications director.” Are those just puffed-up titles for senior speechwriters? Or are they actually larger roles, for communicators who are able and willing to take responsibility for far more than crafting speeches?

That depends on the organization, of course. 

And largely, it also depends on you.

Whatever your title and whatever your responsibilities, you will increase your value and effectiveness by attending “Advanced Executive Communication Management,” with Lucinda Trew, a veteran of a sterling 30-year exec comms career.

Gather with a group of ambitious exec comms colleagues and let Trew teach you:

  • How to define your executive communications role in such a way that it suits your executives’ strengths and your organization’s needs. (It’s different for every organization.)
  • Strategy and direction: How to impose order on powerful executives, so the valuable time they spend on exec comms activities is contributes to the organization’s goals.
  • Purpose: How to transform your exec comms operation into a thought leadership incubator.
  • Leverage: How to use every communication media at your disposal to get max exec comms bang for every exec comms buck.
  • Organizational relationships for the executive communicator. You’re a corporate unicorn, and many problems you face are unique. So are the solutions. Find them here.
  • Budget money, and what it buys: What do organizations spend on exec comms? What should they spend—and how do they measure their results?
  • Managing people: Just because you’ve been a speechwriter … are you sure you’re effectively managing freelance and in-house speechwriters?
  • Time management: You must become more than a speechwriter without becoming less than a speechwriter. Protect the quiet time you need to do the thinking that got you here—and the writing that you love.

Bring your boldest plans, your honest questions and your toughest problems to this workshop, and work them out with your peers and with Lucinda Trew, exec comms guru—and the warm, thoughtful, candid exec comms mentor you never had.

Register now.

Meet Lucinda Trew

Lucinda Trew is an award-winning speechwriter and communications strategist. Over the course of a 30-year corporate career she has helped Fortune 500 CEOs, directors and C-suite executives advance business and reputational goals through strong narrative and compelling content. Lucinda is now an exec comms consultant and a respected lecturer on leadership communications.




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