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Storytelling for Leaders  April 19

We know that narrative is the most powerful form of communication, and thus a critical leadership tool. But we also know that effective storytelling for leaders is easier discussed than achieved. Former White House speechwriter and General Electric exec comms chief Eric Schnure will take you from intention to execution. Learn more.

How to Write EVERYTHING • May 11

You write a lot—tweets, speeches, blog posts, news releases, op-eds, feature stories, white papers, video scripts. But you sense that you can write with more clarity, persuasiveness and power. And you’re right. World-renowned writer and writing instructor Jeff Herrington will teach you how. Learn more.

What Speechwriters Can Take from TED Talks • Sept 7

Nobody wants to sit through a speech these days. Everybody wants to hear a TED Talk. Star speechwriter and beloved speechwriting instructor Rob Friedman has studied TED Talks to identify and adapt techniques that working communicators can use to unleash your speakers’ passions, touch today’s audiences, make arguments stick, and make mundane communications memorable. Learn more.

Advanced Executive Communication Management • Nov 2

“Manager of executive communication.” “Leadership communications director.” Are those just puffed-up titles for senior speechwriters? Or are they actually larger roles, for communicators who are able and willing to take responsibility for far more than crafting speeches? That depends on the organization, of course. And largely, it also depends on you. Whatever your title and responsibilities, you will increase your value and effectiveness by attending “Advanced Executive Communication Management,” with Lucinda Trew, a veteran of a sterling 30-year exec comms career. Learn more.