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Turn Your Executive into a Thought Leader and Your Organization into a Trailblazer 

It's hard for any executive to stand out and be heard. Short attention spans, endless Twitter feeds and historically low trust levels challenge the best communications plans.

But being heard—and heeded—is never a problem for thought leaders. Their words carry more weight, their ideas have more impact, and their visions shape the future.

Come learn what thought-leading executives in corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and universities—and their communication teams—do differently at this intensive one-day workshop.

Thought leadership expert Pete Weissman will teach you the mindset, skillset and toolset to help your leader and organization speak up, stand out and set the agenda. Pete has analyzed thought leaders from business, politics, non-profits and academia. He discovered they all share a common playbook. It’s the playbook he uses with his Fortune 500 clients and other leading instutitions, and he’ll teach it to you.

Once you see the strategy behind the stagecraft, you’ll never think of communications the same way again. 

You Will Learn

  • How to frame your ideas and vision so they earn keynote slots at elite conferences.
  • How to pick allies—and enemies—to transform what your clients demand from you and your competition.
  • How to use journalists’ need for objectivity to become the leading voice for your idea.
  • How to Flip Demand: Stop pitching to skeptical reporters and editors. Have them come to you.
  • How to use a Savvy Sacrifice to instantly transform an old reputation.
  • How to create “Walk the Talk” actions that launch your thought leadership campaign.
  • How to tie thought leadership to your organization’s core mission.
  • The five tools in your arsenal to reach the right audiences at the right time.
  • The key ingredients for your MoonShot Vision.
  • How to coach your executives to think and speak like thought leaders.
  • How to apply Pete’s Three Pillars for conceiving—and executing—a thought leadership program on any budget.
  • 9 Mistakes to Avoid—mistakes that can doom your thought leadership effort from the start.
  • How to make the business case for a thought leadership program inside your organization.
  • How to become a vital strategic advisor to your leadership team, by sharing expertise and counsel that only you have.

Practical Take-Home Tools

You’ll leave with practical tools and templates available nowhere else, including:

  • A checklist of questions to spur new ideas and sharpen your vision.
  • A simple exercise to develop your thought-leading perspective.
  • Tips to lead a brainstorming session back at the office.
  • A manifesto memo to your CEO to win his or her buy in.
  • Keys to creating a communications calendar that “Ladders Up” to higher-level publications and events.

Personal Coaching from Pete Weissman

Before the Master Class, you’ll have a 30-minute phone consultation with Pete, to share your situation so that he can address it directly in the Master Class. There will also be an optional pre-seminar dinner where can meet Pete and your peers in person before the learning begins. Details when you register.

Register Now.

Meet Pete Weissman

Pete Weissman creates thought leadership programs for executives in the spotlight. Pete has worked in the West Wing, the U.S. Senate and for Fortune 100 CEOs. He is the founder of Thought Leader Communications ( Based in Atlanta, the firm provides strategy, speechwriting, presentation coaching and training. Follow Pete @PeteWeissman.