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When your leader communicates, does something actually happen? Does a customer buy a product, does your staff support an initiative, does a marketplace act on your thought leadership?

As an executive communication pro, don't you want your work to make a bigger difference?

Then you're ready for a profoundly transformative learning experience—for you, and for the leaders you support.

A full-day version of the most popular workshop in the history of the PSA World Conference, “Leadership Communication for RESULTS” digs deep into communications architecture, equipping you with powerful design tools by which you will craft outstanding communication, designing messages that align with how humans actually process information.

In a rigorous one-day curriculum, you’ll learn techniques developed to support the urgent needs of leaders who must persuade audiences to actually buy their ideas with real money or respond to them with concrete action. Because that’s what you want too, isn’t it?

You’ll learn:

  • The latest research in cognitive neuroscience, and how it affects message design.
  • The choices leaders face when building a new communication, and how to navigate those choices to achieve the best outcome.
  • New concepts, processes and tools for crafting compelling communication that leads to the action you’re looking for.

The Agenda

8:30 – 9:45: THE COMMUNICATION PROBLEM. When you know what the right choices are, you can craft communications to get the results you want.

10:00 – 11:00: SELECTION. Anchor every communication in the problem you solve for your audience, the action you want them to take, and the insights they must believe to take the action.

11:15-11:45: SIMPLIFICATION. Strip out all material that does not absolutely support the argument or adds additional complexity.

11:45– 12:30: SEQUENCE. Arrange your argument in a logical ‘story arc’ (the logic being the audience’s), and make the sequence come to life with clear transitions.

12:30 -1:15: Lunch on Your Own

1:15 – 2:00: INITIAL ENGAGEMENT. Open your communication by focusing on the problem the audience faces, never on yourself.

2:00 – 3:15: WHOLE PERSON ENGAGEMENT. Engage the audience’s “whole brain” – beyond intellect, facts and data.

3:30 – 4:45: SUPPORTING MATERIALS. Fully leverage all three communication tools at your disposal: what you say, what you show, and what you leave behind.


What Your Peers Say

“They will go bonkers,” instructor Tim Pollard predicted before teaching a short version of this course to three dozen participants 2018 World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association.

On behalf of the seasoned speechwriters and executive communication pros in our audience—highly educated people who have attended a lot of communication workshops, read a lot of books on rhetoric and tried a lot of techniques—we were skeptical.

Until we sat in on the riveting workshop, and received the results: One hundred percent satisfaction, with comments like …

“Rocked it. Off the charts awesome!”

“Absolutely phenomenal and worth the price of the entire conference!”

“Extremely practical guidance for constructing better speeches.”

“The inverted pyramid of speechwriting. Where’s this been the last 8 years of my life?”

“Could have listened to Tim all day. Topic was extremely interesting, he’s a great presenter, and this content is 100% relevant to my work.”

We were convinced—and we’re proud to present Pollard’s all-day seminar, which is rated “completely” or “significantly” transformative by over 99% of its participants.

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Meet the Instructor

Tim Pollard is the founder and CEO of Oratium, the author of The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design, and a regular columnist for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other publications. Having designed and delivered thousands of complex presentations to boards, national conferences, and executive committees, Tim has always sought to understand and capture the underlying “science” of extraordinary communication. The result of this journey has been the development of the unique set of tools and processes employed by Oratium and provided in The Compelling Communicator.