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If you thought you could make all the copy that comes out of your organization more arresting, focused, clear, interesting, consistent, strategic, persuasive, sophisticated, imaginative and fresh—you would, wouldn’t you?

Then DO. How? By inviting Jeff Herrington to help your communicators learn “How to Write EVERYTHING: Strong, Seductive, Strategic Writing for Professional Communicators.”

In a single day’s workshop from the PSA's Professional Development Academy, this writer’s writer and teacher’s teacher will bring into your organization a lifetime of experience and a broad view of the current landscape as he gives your communication staff a common set of rules and an uncommon collection of wisdom.

What Your Team Will Learn

At the end of the day, everyone on your staff will know (and see, through dozens and dozens of instructive and cautionary examples from corporate communication):

  • How to get the significance of the story across to the reader in the very first sentence.
  • The scientific reason why modern sentences should be no longer than tweets and paragraphs should be no longer than three short sentences long. (No exceptions.)
  • Why passive voice, in corporate prose, is like “clothes hangers in a closet. It seems to populate in the dark."
  • Why you shouldn’t call it the “approval process”—and what you should call it instead.
  • Three surefire techniques for convincing reticent executives to share their humanity so corporate stories come to life.
  • How to write social media posts that get shared, op-eds that appeal to editors and news releases that make news.
  • How to make all your work better by using interesting vocabulary and rhetorical techniques, worthwhile quotations and the active voice—and by always, always, always focusing on human beings, rather than inanimate objects, programs or processes.

The Process and the Perks

Your communication staff won’t merely learn these techniques as individuals. Through Herrington’s collaborative curriculum, participants will practice as a team, thus embarking on a journey from individual staffers with varying skill sets to a supportive, proud community of writers.

BONUS: At the end of the session, Herrington will provide each of your participants with a resource guide he has created for organizational communicators, so that your people will not only be better writers, they’ll be more consistent, as well.

Maybe you want to bring in Jeff Herrington as part of an annual meeting of your communicators. Or, maybe you want him just to train a cohort of your headquarters staff. In either case, there is no single better gift you can offer to your communication colleagues or to your organization than the efficient, convenient and immediately effective workshop, “How to Write EVERYTHING.”

This is a popular seminar and Jeff Herrington is only one man. Contact the Professional Speechwriters Association at to discuss pricing and scheduling.

Jeff HerringtonMeet Jeff Herrington

Jeff Herrington has traveled to more than 45 countries on five continents as a writer for the internal and external publications of IBM, AT&T, Whirlpool, Baxter Healthcare and John Deere, among many other companies. He has written and overhauled websites, directed social media activities, crafted communication campaigns and created award-winning content for many of the largest organizations in the world. In raved-about sessions at industry conferences and intimate workshops around the world, Jeff has taught thousands of communicators how to write for every corporate medium. Communication managers who have brought Jeff into their organizations have thanked him for the "rave reviews" of their colleagues, praised his workshops as "phenomenal" and "fun and informative" and called them "the inspiration for our success."