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We Must Put Things Right

"we Will Continue To Build, Aggressively And Ethically"

Good morning everyone, and welcome.

I want to thank the shareholders here today and all the shareholders who have travelled with us on a remarkable journey, a journey that is still in its early stages. It is fair to say that the company has attracted a certain amount of attention in recent months and I wanted to reaffirm the seriousness by which I take what has gone on in London, as well as put that controversy in context of our entire global business, and to share with you my optimism about the potential growth for our profits, our products and our people.

The story of our company is the stuff of legend-from a small newspaper in Adelaide to a global corporation based in New York with a market cap of $44 billion-informing, entertaining and educating at least a billion people each day. Our social role is important and so is our role as a creator of value for investors-you will no doubt have noted that our share price has outperformed that of our peers this year.

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