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Preventing Disease in an Interconnected World:Do Lifestyles Matter?

"a Tsunami Lurking In The Background"

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me, if you will to take you back to early last week. I had the opportunity to meet, speak and listen to the presentation by Jean Claude Mbanya, the President of the International Diabetes Federation. This was at a global conference on Non-communicable diseases convened by Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He told us of his recent visit to Oslo where the Minister of Health tells him that they really do not have a problem when it comes to obesity and diabetes and that he should be focusing his attention on Africa or Asia. So, Mr. Mbanya asks him "Mr. Minister, What is the incidence of Diabetes in an immigrant population from Pakistan in Oslo?" The minister

replies "very high." He then asks him "What is the maternal mortality rate amongst the women from Pakistan who also have obesity and diabetes?" To which also the minister replies "very high."

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