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Shale Gas: Energy Security for the Americas ... or aCautionary Tale of Bad Decisions?

"the Impact Will Be Monumental ... Maybe"

Thank you, Lyn (Tatum), for that introduction and thanks for the opportunity to speak here today.

I want to begin my comments to you with a confession. When I saw the topic for this morning, I wondered why we were dedicating the entire morning to it.

After all, I can sum up the potential impact of shale gas production on global petrochemicals in one word: Monumental. But then I stepped back.

And I realized that, perhaps, that was too simplistic. So I added another word. The impact will be monumental ... MAYBE.

And it's that MAYBE that explains why we have an entire morning to discuss the shale gale.

Shale gas has the potential to impact all of us in greatand positive ways. And I don't mean just those of us in the chemical industry. The impact would be felt far beyond us. It has the potential to be a huge part of meeting growing energy demand in America and the world.

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