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Three Manufacturing Megatrends

On Disruptive New Technologies, The Changing Role Of Labor, And Shifting Trade Patterns And Geopolitical Dynamics

Welcome and greetings. I'm delighted to be here for this year's UPS Asia Technology Summit.

I visit this dynamic part of the world on a regular basis, and the pace of change I see on the ground here never fails to astonish me.

In many ways, Hong Kong is the nexus of Asia. And Asia is the center of global trade and the engine for the world economy. So it's fitting to discuss the power of technology here.

At this conference, we'll discuss innovations that give businesses a competitive advantage like our new DIAD V, predictive analytics programs, Quantum View, and the latest with cold chain technology. The list goes on.

My speech will be a bit different. I want to talk about manufacturing, the point of production where all of the components in the global supply chain come together.

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