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Natural Gas and the (Potential) Renaissanceof American Manufacturing

"how We Choose To Use This Resource Could Determine Our Economic Future"

Thank you, Rell [James (Rell) Tipton], for that introduction and thank you for inviting me here to this Platt's conference.

I especially appreciate having the opportunity to discuss two big topics important to all of us who are tied directly to the world of energy.

In fact, I want to combine two issues that should go to-gether-but are hardly ever discussed at the same time.

Think about this: Probably the biggest, continuing news story in the country this past year has been about jobs.

Every news outlet ... every commentator ... every Sunday-morning talk show pundit talks about jobs.

Where have the jobs gone? When will they come back? Is there anything we can do to help them rebound?

But no one seems to be talking about the real issue ... that the lack of a plan for securing and using energy in this country has cost us not only billions of dollars in exports but also six million good-paying American manufacturing jobs.

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