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Building an Ethical Future for a Connected World

"the Invisible Hand Of Ethics"

Good afternoon! Mike, I appreciate your very gracious introduction, and your leadership as Deloitte's Chief Ethics and Compliance officer.

And to all of you here today, including some of my colleagues from Deloitte, thank you for your warm welcome . . . and thank you, Keith, for inviting me to speak with this very important audience. About a year and a half ago, we invited Keith to our boardroom at Deloitte to talk about ethics. His comments were insightful and appreciated by our board as we continue to look for best practices.

While I just referred to this as a very important audience, I was not saying that as part of a perfunctory introduction. You are an important audience because of what you do and what you stand for. You may remember the economist Adam Smith writing about the "invisible hand" that he believed drove free markets.

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