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The Energy Workforce of the Future

Education Is Our First Step

Some years ago, several storms collided in the Northeast to produce what has been called the perfect storm. Without exaggeration, the energy industry could face a perfect storm unless we ramp up efforts to prepare the highly skilled workforce of the future.

Powerful currents are heading our way: the wave of Baby Boomers retiring...the lack of skilled replacement workers... growing energy needs - including for green energy.

It is important to issue storm alerts. But even more important is taking action before the storm hits.

We need to invest in workforce preparedness, development and training...and do this with the degree of care and attention that energy companies give to preparing for whatever the weather may throw our way.

Moreover, we need to think about workforcedevelopment more comprehensively than in the past. Workforce development is a safety issue, a reliability issue, a customer care and green issue rolled into one.

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