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Designing America's Bridge

Creating A Workable Healthcare System For All

What a joy it is to be here with you tonight. And special thanks to my friends from across the country whose names are listed in your program. I do hope you'll have the opportunity to meet them later this evening.

They include my practice partners, colleagues from my medical school, the dean who allowed me to return to my alma mater 11 years ago. And all the deans who followed, and the deans at West Virginia University and the University of Vermont.

There are friends from home, from places I have worked and volunteered, from the quality enterprise where I devote a lot of my time, and from the health plan where I learned that there are many ways doctors can help patients get the services they need.

Some of these guests have been my patients, some my teachers, and some my students. All are my friends.

There are three special people I would like you to meet-who I could not have practiced medicine allthese years:

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