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Health Care Justice in America

The Moral And Economic Imperatives To Cover The Uninsured

Your 50th Congress! This is a big deal. You're not merely an organization, you are an institution. One that's trusted, relied upon and counted on.

The Bachmeyer Memorial is an institution in its own right, too. Looking back, the Bachmeyer annals are a running commentary on the past half century of health care in America.

I am honored and excited to make my own small contribution because this is such an historic moment for the future of patient care and how we delivery it in America.

Yours is a powerful voice in the debate over what that future is going to look like. I am here to encourage you to use that voice.

And I want to share with you our sense of the challenges, the promises and the rewards on the path before us, and how much we're going to count on your leadership to get us there.

From our perspective, it's all about the patient: medicine, margin, mission-the patient's always at the center.

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