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Frivolous Litigation

Every Body Pays

Thank you, Charles, and good afternoon to all of you! It's a pleasure to be here with you in Chicago, as the country's best-attended auto show gets ready to open its doors to the public.

There is something truly sinister about the way our auto industry forefathers planned the auto show circuit withthe major shows in Detroit, Chicago and New York all coming at the most frigid time of the year.

As Charles mentioned, I've got deep roots in the auto industry.

Four generations of LaSordas have worked in Chrysler auto assembly plants in Windsor, Ontario, on the far sideof the Detroit River. Having begun my career on the plant floor, and then having come up through the ranks in manufacturing, I've learned that competitiveness in industry all too often is heavily influenced by external factors - factors that have nothing to do with products, quality, productivity or any of the other attributes that we use to define competitiveness in this business.

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