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Our Modern-Day Dilemma

Getting Things Done Despite The Distractions

It's great to be back after a number years. My topic for today is one that we can all relate to: getting things done despite all the distractions we encounter. First let me set the stage as to how we got to be where we are today. Following World War II, and at least through the 1970s, it was widely held by time management specialists that the typical office worker earned a full day's pay for 60 percent of the effort. In other words, over the course of an eight-hour workday, the typical worker actually performed job-related work for 60 percent of the time, or 4.8 hours. The rest of the time, totaling 40 percent of the day, was frittered away on day-dreams-most often thinking about sex-personal phone

calls, coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, extraneous reading and even crossword puzzles! Some studies indicate that, despite all the demands and responsibilities they face, workers today still waste away a sizable chunk of most days.

3 On the Rise

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