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The Realities and Rewards of Globalism

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Thank you, Governor Engler, and good morning everyone. I'm excited to be here because I believe we have arrived at a critical moment for U.S. manufacturing. I didn't want to miss this opportunity to share my thoughts regarding our industry and our role in an increasingly global economy.

Before I do, let me recognize the National Association of Manufacturers for all its work on behalf of manufacturers. Most of that effort comes in Washington, D.C., on the policy front-but they also spend a great deal of time pulling together events like Manufacturing Week. Governor, we thank you and your staff for telling the story of manufacturing in this country.

I'd also like to recognize the Department of Commerce, which has set up an Export Pavilion here, staffed by trade experts from around the world. It's an excellent venue to discuss international business opportunities and a great example of Secretary Gutierrez's and the DOC's commitment to American manufacturing.

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