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Ensuring the Safety of America's Drug Supply

Stopping Counterfeit Drugs

At FDA, the growing prevalence of counterfeit drugs, and the growing sophistication of those who make their trade in this illegal business, worries Commissioner Crawford and all of us a great deal.

There is no question that these problems, and the flow of counterfeit drugs around the world, are mounting.

But on the whole, the United States has a very safe prescription drug supply, and FDA is working hard to keep it that way.

This is not something that we can take for granted. If you look around the world, in many countries a quarter or even a half or more of the prescription drugs that people take are not legitimate products.

Studies by the World Health Organization have shown that of developed markets, this is especially true in Europe, where parallel trade has created porous borders and permeable controls that leave many opportunities for counterfeit drugs to enter Europe's supply chain.

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